TCSD Counseling Department

Elementary Counselors

Carrie Reinders, LPC-MH, MS, CSC 

Rosebud Elementary   

Office:  747-2411 ext. 3116 


Mary Nylander, LPC, MS, CSC 

Spring Creek and Lakeview Schools (Office at SC) 

Office:  605-747-2541 ext. 3210 

LKV. – Monday Afternoon and Friday mornings. 

SC rest of time.


Cory Lemmert, LPC, MA 

Todd County Elementary Schoo

Office:  856-3506 ext. 2535 


Maci Gillen 

Todd County Elementary School 

Office:  856-3506 ext. 2507 


Lane Halligan 

Todd County Elementary School 

Office:  856-3506 ext. 2537 


Rosebud Brushbreaker 

Schools:  Achievement, Klein, Littleburg, Okreek and JDC 

Office:  TCAS 856-3544 ext. 2430 

Middle School Counselors

Jenny Kornely (6th grade), LPC, MA, CSC 

Office: 856-3504 ext. 2315 

Recovery Room: ext. 2312 


Beth Valandra-Burnette (7th grade) 

Office:  856-3504 ext. 2314 

Recovery Room: ext. 2312 


Kristin Iyotte (8th grade), MA 

Office:  856-3504 ext. 2313 

High School Counselors

 Gwen Wenig

Office:  856-3503 ext. 2213

Barry Bailey

Office:  856-3503 ext. 2214

Sunni Busch

Office:  856-3503 ext. 2218

Blaise Reagle

Office:  856-3503 ext. 2319

TCSD Social Workers

Mary Van Winkle, Elementary Social Worker, MPA 

Rosebud Elementary School 

Office: 605-747-2411 ext. 3118 


Shelby Schmit, Social Worker, MSW, CSW 

McKinney-Vento and Foster Liaison, Districtwide 

Schools:  High School, Middle School, Achievement, and JDC. 

Office:  856-3503 ext. 2407  

William Long IV, Elementary Social Worker   

TC Elementary, Okreek, Klein and Littleburg  

Office: Achievement/TCES   856-3544 or 856-3506 ext. 2553