Services for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Which students qualify for services?

Students who do not have a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence qualify for services

Examples but not limited to:

  • Shelters

  • Motels/hotels

  • Living with friends or relatives due to economic difficulty

  • Living in a campground or campsite

  • Unaccompanied Youth (young persons not in the care of an adult)

What should you do if you think your student might qualify?

Call your child’s school and ask to be contacted by the McKinney-Vento liaison.

The liaison will contact you to discuss your situation and decide if you qualify

If you qualify, support for your student will begin

If it is determined that you do not qualify but you disagree, contact the McKinney-Vento liaison or the Federal Programs office

  • McKinney-Vento Liaison 605-856-3503 ext 2407

  • Federal Programs Director 605-856-3502 ext 2115

If your student qualifies what kind of services are available?

Services are dependent on the needs of each individual student.

  • All students are able to enroll and attend school immediately

  • All students qualify for free lunch

  • All students have access to clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and school supplies provided by the district.

  • Some students qualify for additional services that are necessary to eliminate barriers to school attendance and school success such as help with transportation

  • Many students and their families are referred to other agencies for additional services provided in the community

What does McKinney-Vento not do?

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act does not provide funding for:

  • Housing

  • Utilities

  • Medical services

  • Cell phones

  • Storage rent

  • Motel rent

Just need to discuss your student’s situation with someone?

The McKinney-Vento liaison is available on all days that school is in session 8 am to 4 pm.

The office is located in the Todd County High School.

You may call 605-856-3503 or the cell phone for the liaison is 605-389-3416.

Of course, your school principal or counselor is also available if you prefer to discuss the situation with them first.

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