Summer PD 2

Hello TCSD Educators! We had to make some recent changes to the Lakota Culture and Language Professional Learning session that starts next week (August 1 - 5). We had a couple presenters who are unable to make it and we have added some sessions in their place. Please email Wanda Prue ( and let her know if you would like to attend any of the newly added session. ~ Thank you, Krista Morrison

**Hello everyone. I have disappointing news. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Alex Fire Thunder is unable to be here next week for the language professional learning session on August 2 - 3. 

In place of Alex's session...


Please attend one of the other sessions offered on these days:   

August 2: Lakota Elder Speaker Series Or Food Sovereignty  

August 3: Am – Cultural Experience Kits And Pm – Storytelling As An Instructional Practice