The best way to help your child navigate life and the challenges your child will face is to educate them. ParentGuidance.org is a free resource for parents that offers over 50 e-courses on ways to help yourself or your child. Each course is hosted by a licensed therapist with years of experience.  To help your child you must first educate yourself. We invite you to explore the courses and listen to them at your convenience.


One course we would like to mention is: Helping Your Child When They’re Bullied by Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson. This course explains what bullying is and is not, how parents can help their child if they are a bully or are being bullied. It also talks about bullying on social media, in school and in sports.


Our district is also providing, free of charge, parent coaching. A coach is someone who will give you hope, therapy tools and confidence. If you are interested in registering for a coach to support you in your parenting journey, go to ParentGuidance.org and select Parent Coaching to register.