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About SDVS

The South Dakota Virtual School is a clearinghouse of distance courses offered by approved providers. Courses are available online or via the Digital Dakota Network. All course offerings are approved by the South Dakota Department of Education. The goal of the Virtual School is to provide choice, flexibility, and quality for all students across the state.

Virtual methods of learning can be great options in many situations:

  • When your school doesn't offer the desired course
  • When a course doesn't fit into your schedule
  • When you're in need of credit recovery
  • When you need an academic challenge

Steps to register you TCSD student in South Dakota Virtual School (SDVS): 

1. Fill out the enrollment form for the school that your student usually attends. 

 2. Go to the enrollment link for Black Hills Online Learning Community and fill in the registration.  

 3. Print off their Learning Agreement and take to attendance center Principal to approve and the principal will complete student enrollment into SDVS.