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Greetings Families, 

After a year of virtual learning, the Todd County School District, in consultation with the South Dakota Department of Education, Department of Health, Rosebud Sioux Tribe Covid-19 Task Force, and TCSD Health/Safety Committee, developed a Strong School Plan, which was implemented at the beginning of this school year.  It was critical, however, to be prepared for change, according to public health needs.  

COVID has continued to spread, but the District has taken practical steps to mitigate that spread, while continuing to focus on student learning. We have provided for the physical, academic, and social-emotional health and wellness of our students and staff, putting the needs of our most vulnerable school-community members first.   

Each TCSD School considered the education of the whole child - music, PE, electives - when developing their individual plan. Every student has the opportunity for a full year of learning, I encourage parents/guardians to contact their child’s attendance center with questions or concerns they may have regarding any issue.  

I cannot thank the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Administration and Staff enough for the valuable partnerships we have with its various departments and cooperative individuals. This takes the education and welfare of our students to a whole new level. 

In partnership with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Covid-19 Task Force, our schools will be going into a hybrid schedule starting Monday, January, 24TH through Friday, February, 4TH .  

All hybrid school plans are located on the TCSD Covid 19 Page- . Please see your schools' plan below for specific details of the hybrid schedule. More information will be available day to day on schools' websites or Facebook pages.    

Carol Galbraith, TCSD Superintendent 

TCES Hybrid Plan

Contact: Bobbie Cox 605-856-3506

TCHS Hybrid Plan
Contact: Randy Pirner 605-856-3503

TCMS Hybrid Plan
Contact: Dana Haukaas 605-856-3504

Rosebud Hybrid Plan
Contact: Marlys Walkling 605-856-3512

He Dog Hybrid Plan
Contact: Roberta Bizardie 605-856-3553

Spring Creek Hybrid Plan
Contact: Roberta Bizardie 605-747-2541

Lakeview Hybrid Plan
Contact: Roberta Bizardie 605-429-3339

Littleburg Hybrid Plan
Contact: Teana Guerue 605-378-3881

Klein Hybrid Plan
Contact: Teana Guerue 605-378-3854

Okreek Hybrid Plan
Contact: Teana Guerue 605-856-3507

TCAS Hybrid Plan
Contact: Teana Guerue 605-856-3544