title vi

The Title VI Parent Advisory Committee is looking for people to serve on the team. Participation requires attendance at four to five meetings per year. The term of parent membership is three (3) years. The term of teacher membership is one (1) year. The term of student membership is up to two (2) years.

The deadline to apply is October 22nd. 

The purpose of the Title VI grant is to assist Native American students in improving student achievement. The Parent Advisory Committee was formed in accordance with the Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant requirements and regulations.  Over the years of the grant the Title Vl  Parent Advisory Committee has identified goals of 1.  increased knowledge of cultural identity and awareness, 2.  increase prevention activities for violence, suicide, and substance abuse, and 3.  increase Native American language instruction programs.

The grant supports a district-wide Lakota Culture, Language, and Outreach instructional coach for teachers and four culture and language resource specialists that work with students in grades K-12.  The grant provides funds to purchase the necessary consultants and supplies for the integration of Lakota culture and language into regular classroom instruction and provides professional development for staff to increase cultural knowledge.

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