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Hau Mitákuye pi,

Hello Relatives,

Todd County School District is committed to full implementation of the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards (OSEUs) across all grade levels and content areas. 

The SD Department of Education, in its recommendations to the State Board of Education for the approval of the newly revised SD social studies standards has removed multiple references to Indigenous groups and expectations to teach about Indigenous history and culture. We do not agree with the removal of this language or content and will ensure that our students will study and explore the history and contemporary issues of Indigenous peoples from South Dakota and beyond. 

The OSEUs are not part of the SD social studies standards and are still recommended by the SD Department of Education. 

In November, 2020, Todd County School District adopted a policy to integrate the OSEUs across all departments and is committed to meeting all goals in that policy. Todd County’s Lakota Culture and Language Committee sets the vision and action plan for the integration of the OSEUs. It’s members represent the school district, tribal, and community stakeholders.

Ptáyela Waúŋspeič’ičhiyapi - We are learning together. 

Link to School District OSEU Policy

Link to DOE OSEU Standards