Student Google Passwords

Hello Everyone:

We understand that many students and parents are getting assignments online and may not have the student google account information at home or passwords may have been forgotten.

To obtain your students log information please contact us with the tcsd tech office via email or call directly between the hours of 8am to 4pm information below:

Email the following for student google account
password or call Todd County School District 856-3501 or 856-3502 ext
3117 or 2121 to get student google or email passwords. 

*** All account will need to have the username example username John Johnson and number  Google classroom app and chrome is available on both android and apple devices. ***

To connect to student email go to tcsd webpage - explore - webmail

Enter student email info example above.  student google/email example

Also, teacher email addresses are available on the tcsd webpage individual school webpages - click Site - School- Explore - Staff.

If you need to contact a teacher directly.