David “BullDawg” Michaud visits rosebud and TCMS
David "BullDawg" Michaud visits Rosebud Elementary and TCMS

Visiting classrooms and competing with students 

Wildcats vs The BullDawg:

- Tug of war
- Jump roping
- Quiz bowl
- Rubik's Cube
- Scooter Racing
- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Everyone had a blast, and in the end, the Cats edged the Dawg for the win - THIS TIME! We stress "this time" because in his talk with students, it is clear that David uses every single setback to push himself harder, further, faster, MORE! We expect an even greater challenge when he returns!

Thank you, David, for your message on resilience, effort, and personal success! Not sure we've ever had a more quiet, focused audience. <3 

From TCMS and Rosebud Facebook pages