Miles Stands with wind turbine

Mitchell, South Dakota — In an impressive display of skill and innovation, Miles Stands, a dedicated student from Todd County High School, has clinched second place in the South Dakota State Wind Energy Competition. The event, part of the inaugural “KidWind South Dakota Challenge,” took place at Dakota Wesleyan University.

Solo Effort, Team Triumph

Miles Stands, a member of the team “Tempest,” stood out as the sole participant representing his team. Currently enrolled in the course “Energy and the Environment,” Miles demonstrated exceptional knowledge and commitment to wind energy. His turbine design harnessed the power of the wind, producing an impressive 49.1 milliwatts—a feat that secured his second-place finish.

The KidWind Challenge

The competition’s scoring was straightforward: teams were evaluated based on the highest power output generated by their wind turbines. Scores ranged from a modest 18.2 milliwatts to an impressive 50.2 milliwatts. Miles’ achievement reflects not only his technical prowess but also his dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

A Global Stage

Miles’ success doesn’t end here. He has accepted the opportunity to represent South Dakota on the international stage. Alongside TCHS Wind Club teammates Latecia Fernandes and Denise Bonina, Miles will compete at the prestigious “KidWind Worlds”—the national competition featuring participants from around the globe. The event is scheduled to take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center from May 5th to 8th.

As the wind energy industry continues to grow, young innovators like Miles Stands are leading the charge. Their commitment to clean energy solutions promises a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

For more information about the “KidWind Worlds,” visit here.

The Department of Energy will also be hosting the Collegiate Wind Competition, and the CLEANPOWER 2024 annual conference and exhibition will be held at the same venue.