student at sgu booth

The recent Todd County Achievement School Annual Career Fair was a tremendous success, with over 100 students in attendance from TCHS and TCAS. The event was held to expose students to different career opportunities and to help them make informed decisions about their future.

The career fair was put together by the principal of TCAS Teana Guerue. Many business and other organizations participated including Sinte Gleska University, RST Ambulance Service, RST Headstart, Todd County School District, Sicangu Co, Redco, Sicangu Nation Employment and Training Program, Koya/RST 93, Sicangu Child and Family Services, U.S. Navy, Tatanka Funds, RST Adult Corrections, and RST Police Department. Each organization had a booth set up where students could learn about what they do, ask questions, and explore potential career paths.

The event was held at the Achievement School gymnasium, and it was open to Todd County Juniors and Seniors. The students had the opportunity to speak with representatives from a variety of industries, including healthcare, law enforcement, education, and the military.

One of the participating entities was Sinte Gleska University, a tribal college located in Mission, South Dakota. They provide various degree programs and vocational training courses to tribal members and non-tribal members. The university's representative provided information on the available programs and financial aid options for interested individuals.

RST Ambulance Service was another entity that participated in the career fair. They offer emergency medical services to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the surrounding areas. The ambulance service representatives provided information on the requirements and qualifications needed to become an EMT or paramedic.

The Sicangu Nation Employment and Training Program booth was also popular with students. Representatives from the program provided information on job training programs and resources available. They also discussed how students can prepare for the workforce and what skills are in high demand in the job market.

Sicangu Co, a community development corporation that focuses on creating economic opportunities for the Sicangu Lakota people, also participated in the career fair. Their representatives provided information on the various training and business development programs offered by their organization.

The RST Police Department and RST Adult Corrections booths were also popular with students. Representatives from both organizations provided information on what it takes to become a police officer or corrections officer and what the job entails.

Koya/RST 93, and Tatanka Funds were also present at the career fair. These entities provide job training and employment opportunities to tribal members and other individuals in the area.

Overall, the Todd County Achievement School Annual Career Fair was a great success. The event provided students with the opportunity to explore different career paths, learn about job training programs, and ask questions about various industries. The participating organizations were enthusiastic about the event and eager to connect with the next generation of workers. It's clear that this event will continue to be a valuable resource for students in the future.