hoop of life

Our Rosebud Tiospaye had the privilege of having the World Hoop Dance Champion, Dallas Chief Eagle, and his daughter Starr share with us their knowledge and cultural teachings on Nurturing the Hoop of Life on March 20th-23rd. All participants including students, staff, and our family partners were awestruck by the depth of this heart and soul experience. Participants were able to laugh, learn, and integrate these wisdom exercises into their daily life. Throughout the week, Chief Eagle and his daughter Starr taught students how to remove obstacles preventing them from living in the here and now. They taught students how to remove unnecessary pain, suffering, and confusion and replace it with awesome peace, clarity and compassion, much like their ancestors modeled. Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to participate in the hoop dances. 5th graders made their own hoops and did their own dance under the guidance of Dallas and Starr. Our very own Rosebud Singers provided the music under the guidance of Mr. Brown. As we support our students in following their dreams, it is our hope they will be able to put into practice these Nurturing the Hoop of Life strategies now and in the future.