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The 68th Annual High Plains Regional Science & Engineering Fair took place at the South Dakota School of Mines on March 21st. This year's fair saw middle school students from across the state come together to compete in a wide range of scientific categories. The competition was fierce, with over 400 projects from 10 schools vying for top honors.

Despite the stiff competition, 18 eighth-grade scientists from the district stood out with their impressive projects. Six of these young scientists brought home medals, showcasing their incredible talent and hard work. The success of these students is a testament to their dedication and passion for scientific inquiry.

Gladson Fernandes of TCMS was one of the students who excelled at the fair, earning 5th place in Biological Science. Meanwhile, the team of Wounsina Homer, Meadow Reinders, and Casandra Sharpfish of TCMS brought home 3rd place in Physical Science. River Doyle and Julianna Fast Dog of Lakeview also made their mark, taking home 2nd place in Biological Science.

The achievements of these young scientists are truly remarkable, and they are a source of pride for their schools, families, and communities. The High Plains Regional Science & Engineering Fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore their scientific interests and showcase their talents. It also serves as a platform for students to connect with other young scientists and professionals in the field, which can be instrumental in shaping their future academic and career paths.

In conclusion, the 68th Annual High Plains Regional Science & Engineering Fair was a great success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, and organizers involved. Mrs. Doyle, the Todd County School District Science Fair Coordinator, played an instrumental role in making the event a success. Her leadership and guidance helped to ensure that the fair provided a valuable opportunity for students to learn more about science and engineering, while also fostering a sense of community and collaboration among the participants.

Congratulations to all of the participants, and especially to the medal winners who demonstrated exceptional talent and skill. These young scientists represent the future of scientific inquiry and innovation, and we look forward to seeing the great things they will accomplish in the years to come.