Our Mission

The Todd County School District is a partner with families, communities, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, and other educational groups.
We pledge to prepare our students for success academically, socially, culturally, and spiritually in an ever changing world.

Our Vision

TCSD will be a place where:
  • Using Lakota Culture to teach and learn creates children who are respectful of self, others and the world community
  • ALL children will have a deep understanding of all world cultures and issues
  • ALL children are balanced in mind, body and spirit in our healthy and safe schools
  • ALL practice education and learning as a lifelong process
  • ALL students learn and succeed
  • Our schools, home, and community work as a team
  • ALL aspects of tribal life affect the education of our children
  • We honor each person’s accomplishments and contributions

Our Beliefs:

We must ALL work together and share in the responsibility for the education and social wellbeing of our children
We see families actively involved in our children’s learning
We see teachers as adult learners
We see students as both ambassadors of their culture and as global citizens
We see school facilities which are technologically state of the art

Our Values:

  • Woksape (Wisdom)
  • Wacantognaka (Generosity)
  • Woohitika (Courage)
  • Wowancintanka (Fortitude)


Our Learner Outcomes:

  • Community Contributors
  • Effective Communicators
  • Cooperative Workers
  • Respectful Caretakers
  • Self-directed Learners
  • Enlightened Technology Users


Our Improvement Goals:

By July 1, 2018 all students will demonstrate proficiency in the Todd County School District Learner Outcomes.

Create safe and healthy educational environments that foster caring, positive relationships among students and staff that encourage self-discipline and responsibility.

Sustain a comprehensive curriculum cycle for enhancing student achievement.

Develop a positive culture to foster collegial relationships, recognition, and accountability for the TCSD School Board and all staff.

Partner with parents, the community, and key educational agencies to develop united approaches to education.

 We are Todd County Information Video

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