"24:" Can You Climb to the Top?
Kobe climbed to the top – and it wasn’t luck that got him there. He worked hard every hour of every day. There are twenty-four hours in a day. How many of them do you spend working hard? Let’s spend the next hour working hard; climbing to the top. Let’s play this game of 24 for #24. Do this one for yourself, too. Let’s work!
Learn how to play.
Watch the “24 Game Tutorial.”
Get ready to play.
Open the “Solve Your Way to the Top” document.
Look at the “EXAMPLE Solve Your Way to the Top” document. That’s how you do it!
Open the “24 Game 1-dot Card Collection” and begin! You choose the cards you will play!
Play: Make 24.
Record solutions on the “Solve Your Way to the Top” document. If this doesn’t work for you, record your solutions on paper.
Once you get the hang of it, open the 2-dot and 3-dot collections. Climb to the top! Can you make it?
Turn In your recording sheet (or upload a photo of your solutions) and TURN IN your assignment! You don’t have to get to the top – it is trying that makes all the difference!
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