English & Spanish Department COVID Plan

In accordance with the overall high school plan of concentrating on bringing grades to passing for the third quarter, the English and Spanish Department is updating assignments in Infinite Campus by posting instructions, links, documents, and/or alternate assignments for third quarter work. New work and enrichment activities will soon be added; watch for updates.

Students' focus should be on major assignments: papers, presentations, speeches.


Create a Learner Account on Khan Academy and enter Class Code: Q366QTZG.


*Mary Lu Rich:   Mary.Rich@k12.sd.us, (605)290-7645

*English Department Head; English 12, College English II, College Literature II

Ms. Rich has uploaded all assignments to Infinite Campus and requires the two papers due February 9 and March 1 in English 12 to be submitted using Turnitin. If Turnitin will not accept the submission due to lateness, Google-share with her, and she will submit it. 

College English II and College Literature II, please see the attached Google doc link and email Ms. Rich for further instructions.

Ms. Rich's Monday - Friday Schedule*

8 - 10 AM:   Unavailable (meetings)

10 AM - 2 PM:   Available for any contact, help, etc.

2 - 6 PM:   Set aside for grading (but available as needed)

6 - 10 PM:   At home (but available)

*After 10 PM and weekends: do NOT call (Ms. Rich will respond to text/emails the next day or as quickly as possible)

*April 9 - 13: Ms. Rich will be unavailable due to surgery and recovery time

Bob Boyd:   Robert.Boyd@k12.sd.us, (605)441-6321

English 11, Masters of Horror

Mr. Boyd will have instructions for previously assigned work in Infinite Campus, and will also provide alternative assignments if students do not have their materials with them. 

Please contact via email/phone or set up a Zoom conference if you need help.

Best Times to Reach Mr. Boyd

1:1 Help:   11 AM - 12 PM and 2 - 4 PM

Deana Brodkorb:   Deana.Brodkorb@k12.sd.us

English 10, Speech, Drama

Ms. Brodkorb has instructions for previously assigned work in Infinite Campus (students in Speech should pay careful attention to how to give their speech). Khan Academy is available for enrichment activities now and Google Classroom will be set up for new material (available in April). 

Click on the two embedded links for information from Ms. Brodkorb's student letter about how to contact her and utilize resources, as well as to see a detailed outline of Speech Class expectations and daily assignments.  <-- Click for 4th Quarter Updates!

New assignments (Daily grades; 45% category) for Speech Class
All chapter assignments are from 
Speech for Effective Communication

New assignments

Best Times to Reach Ms. Brodkorb

Google Classroom:   10 AM - 12 PM

1:1 Help:  1 - 3 PM (by appointment)

*Online 10 - 4 every Mon-Fri for emails, etc. 

Jeff Brown:   Jeffrey.Brown@k12.sd.us

Read 180, English 9, English 10

All of Mr. Brown's online coursework will be found at classroom.google.com. Log in with your state email and password to access assignments.

Google Classroom Codes:

  • English 9:   5u3qyim

  • English 10:   smxvupz

  • Read 180:   xs7rxzx

Mr. Brown's Monday - Friday Schedule

8 - 9 AM:   Responding to student emails, grading

9 - 11 AM:   Phone calls home

11 - 2 PM:   Google Doc commenting, grading, preparing materials

2 - 3 PM:   Responding to student emails

3 - 5 PM:   Enrichment activities, virtual book club

Navil Sully:   Navil.Sully@k12.sd.us

English 9, Honors English 9

Ms. Sully is requiring the paper due March 9 to be submitted using Turnitin

Her online Google classes can be accessed via: 

  • Honors English Class Code:   xc7oeiu

  • English 9 Class Code:   ewrbvju

Best Times to Reach Ms. Navil Sully

English 9:   Online Discussion Mon (3 - 5 PM)

Honors English 9:   Online Discussion Tues (3 - 5 PM)

1:1 Help:   Mon/Fri 1 - 2 PM and Wed 1 - 3 PM (by appointment)

Siria Sully:   Siria.Sully@k12.sd.us

Spanish I, Spanish II

¡Hola a todos, los estraño mucho! 

Please click on the link here to view our class Google Doc that includes detailed instructions for our class expectations using Duolingo and Google Classroom.

Spanish I & II, go to Google Classroom:

  • Spanish I – 3rd & 4th Period – Google Class Code:   unxosrp

  • Spanish I – 5th Period – Google Class Code:   cnbhup4

  • Spanish II – Google Class Code:   cpl5byr

Best Times to Reach Ms. Siria Sully

Spanish I:   Lectures Tues (2 - 4 PM); Google Hangout Wed (2 - 3 PM)

Spanish II:    Lectures Thurs (2 - 4 PM); Google Hangout Wed (1 - 2 PM)

1:1 Help:   Tues and Thurs 1 - 3 PM (by appointment)

¡Nos vemos!