Becki Ritter:   Becki.Ritter@k12.sd.us

Foundations of Technology

Computer applications provide students with the understanding of different types of application software and prepare them to use it throughout their everyday life.

Google can be downloaded onto phones and tablets. Google can be reached through the internet on computers. Google log-ins and passwords are the student school email address and passwords. Students who are enrolled into my classes have already been invited through their school email. Go to k12.sd.us Click on WEBMAIL SIGN-IN on the top right corner. Sign in. The school email app OUTLOOK can be downloaded on phones and tablets, as well. Keep checking e-mails for updates.

Best Times to Reach Ms. Ritter
10:15 - 11 AM:   Class Instruction on Zoom (Mon: 1st Period, Tues: 2nd Period, Wed: 3rd Period, Thurs: 5th Period, Fri: 7th Period)
1:45 - 2:45 PM:   1:1 Student Help (by appointment)

See the attached Google doc for more information about our class moving forward.

Shyloe Bordeaux:   Shyloe.Bordeaux@k12.sd.us

JAG/Service Learning I, JAG/Service Learning II

Natalie Johner:   Natalie.Johner@k12.sd.us    (605)299-5152 

Multimedia IDigital PhotographyGraphic DesignJAG/Service Learning I, JAG/Service Learning II

We are using Google Classroom for online assignments. You will have received an invitation to your class. Please accept the invitation. You may reach me by email.

Period 1 & 2 - Multimedia: thiznih
Period 3 - Digital Photography: kyygftf
Period 4 - Graphic Design: fw6wxbk
Period 6 & 7 - Jobs for America's Graduates: li4v3vo
***If you have requested paper assignments, those assignments will be delivered to you.***

Best Times to Reach Mrs. Johner
8 AM - 4 PM: You may text, email, or call.

Peggy Klein:   Peggy.Klein@k12.sd.us, (605)519-8060

Culinary Arts I, Culinary Arts II

Go to www.Edmodo.com for assignments. We will use Zoom for online classes, help sessions, and individual tutoring (use our class link below). See Edmodo for Zoom session log-in user name and password.


Best Times to Reach Mrs. Klein
11 AM Mon/Wed:   Live Zoom Culinary Arts Instruction*
11 AM Tues/Thurs/Fri:   Live Zoom Appointments for Individual Help (schedule with me in advance)
1 - 2 PM Mon-Fri:   Live Zoom Culinary Arts Help Sessions

*Mon/Wed instructional sessions will be recorded and posted on Edmodo if you are unable to make the live session

Richard Schmit:   Richard.Schmit@k12.sd.us

Intro to Vehicle Maintenance, General Service Tech

Best Times to Reach Mr. Schmit
8 AM - 4 PM:   Monday through Friday via email or Google Classroom
Intro to Vehicle Maintenance
  • Period 1:   voxqbef
  • Period 2:   aw2v37u
  • Period 5:   3jmu0q3
General Service Tech
  • Period 6 & 7:   nlnh27f