Welcome to The Social Studies Department!

Bryce Aman:   Bryce.Aman@k12.sd.us

US History, Personal Finance

"I will be adding a couple WW2 assignments to the google classroom for extra credit if you want to to get your grade up. There will be a link to a video where you can then give me a summary on the video. Directions will be posted with the individual assignment within google classroom. If you still have missing work out, please continue to work on getting that in before the end of the year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at bryce.aman@k12.sd.us or give the office a call and they will get ahold of me. 

For Personal Finance, I will continue to add an assignment per week until the end of the year for you to get some more points in the grade book. Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks!"

Mr. Aman's Monday - Friday Schedule
8 - 9 AM:   Check and respond to student emails
11 - 12 PM and 1 - 2 PM:   Individual help sessions (via phone or Zoom)
3 - 4 PM:   Check and respond to student emails

Patrick Johner:   Patrick.Johner@k12.sd.us

World Geography, World History 

For those we have internet access, we will continue using Edmodo for our new work. If you are going to use Edmodo, all communication will go through messages on Edmodo. For those who don't have internet access and want paper work, it will be delivered to you with instructions. If you are going to be doing the paperwork, then all communication will go through my school email Patrick.Johner@k12.sd.us. I know we will try to make the best of the situation and I miss all of you, stay healthy and safe.

Use the following link to log in to your normal Edmodo account:


Mr. Johner's Monday - Friday Schedule
8 AM - 12 PM Mon/Wed/Fri:   Edmodo World Geography
1 - 4 PM Mon/Wed/Fri:   Edmodo World History
8 AM - 12 PM and 3 - 4 PM Tues/Thurs:   Student emails and Edmodo questions

Bob Kornely:   Bob.Kornely@k12.sd.us

Government, Personal Finance, Criminal Justice

Our Government class will finish the semester on Edgenuity. Personal Finance and Criminal Justice will be utilizing Google Classroom. They can be accessed via:

  • Personal Finance Class Code:  3hgq2w5
  • Criminal Justice Class Code:  wtfftid
Mr. Kornely's Monday - Friday Schedule
8 - 9 AM:   Check emails
12 - 1 PM*:   Email students
2 - 3 PM:   Student contacts

*Wed student emails will take place from 1 - 2 PM