Gabby Iron Shell:   Gabrielle.IronShell@k12.sd.us

Lakota Language II, Lakota Language IV, Lakota Culture, Lakota Quilting

Best Time to Reach Ms. Iron Shell
1 - 2 PM:   Individual Help Sessions (via appointment over phone or email)

Chris Leneaugh:   Chris.Leneaugh@k12.sd.us

Lakota Beading, Lakota Art, Drawing, Creative Graphic Arts

You need to create and complete four 8x11" free-choice drawings in pencil or in ink pen, weekly. This means you will create a total of 20 drawings: four drawings a week for five weeks, beginning March 30th and ending May 1st.

The drawings have to be of only positive subject matter. Drawings that are completed in color will receive additional points. You can email pictures of your completed drawings weekly (every Friday, for example). Or, you can physically turn-in all of your drawings in a folder when we return to school.

Look on Youtube for Drawing/Creative Graphic Arts ideas, as well as Lakota Beading and Lakota Art ideas for projects in the future.