Kim Valen:   Kimberly.Valen@k12.sd.us

Girls Physical Education, Girls Health, Strength and Conditioning

Please check on Google Classroom for assignments and updates:

Kellan Herman:   Kellan.Herman@k12.sd.us

Boys Physical Education, Boys Health, Sports Medicine

We will be using Google Classroom as our online learning platform. Please access your class from the following links:

Health: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NTY0NjE4ODYxNDJa

Sports Medicine: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NTY0NjE4ODYxNTZa

Chris Leneaugh:   Chris.Leneaugh@k12.sd.us

Drawing, Creative Graphic Arts, Lakota Beading, Lakota Art

You need to create and complete four 8x11" free-choice drawings in pencil or in ink pen, weekly. This means you will create a total of 20 drawings: four drawings a week for five weeks, beginning March 30th and ending May 1st.

The drawings have to be of only positive subject matter. Drawings that are completed in color will receive additional points. You can email pictures of your completed drawings weekly (every Friday, for example). Or, you can physically turn-in all of your drawings in a folder when we return to school. 

Look on Youtube for Drawing/Creative Graphic Arts ideas, as well as Lakota Beading and Lakota Art ideas for projects in the future. 

Katie Petry:   Katie.Petry@k12.sd.us

Psychology, Algebra I, Honors Algebra I

At the end of March, everyone was mailed a big envelope containing your Psychology binder contents (if it was left in the classroom) and a couple letters providing more detailed information about the coming weeks. They were sent to the PO Box listed on your Infinite Campus file so be sure to check that in the coming days.

All of our previous class assignments are uploaded as PDFs on Infinite Campus. You are able to resubmit PDF documents with your edits and/or may create a new attachment to share your reflections. Contact the high school if you need help accessing Infinite Campus: (605)856-3503. 

Email me with any questions or concerns, and to set up an appointment to take/retake your "8 Modern Approaches" quiz if desired. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for access to our Google Classroom for upcoming assignments. In the meantime, keep researching and compiling information for your Psychological Disorder Research Project due on Friday, April 10 (see Infinite Campus listing for more details).

Best Times to Reach Ms. Petry
11 AM - 12 PM and 1 - 3:30 PM Fri:   Live Zoom Meeting
11 AM - 12 PM Tues/Wed/Thurs:   Live 1:1 Zoom Help Sessions (by appointment)

*I am also hosting live Zoom meetings 11 AM - 12 PM and 1 - 3:30 PM on Mondays for my Algebra I classes--if you need immediate help/feedback on something, hop on their meeting and see if I'm free! 

Princess Taylor:   Princess.Taylor@k12.sd.us

Band, Choir, Digital Music Production, Music Appreciation

Tara Thoreson:   Tara.Thoreson@k12.sd.us

Drawing, Painting, Sculptures, Art Portfolio

Please turn in homework at the end of every week. It is important to stay on top so you do not get behind. Please use paper that’s at least 8.5”x11” sized paper or several pieces that would add up to this size. If you have art supplies, you may use them to complete your assignments at home. Please feel free to improvise for anything (paper, paints, brushes, etc.) you may have laying around at home. Get creative! Email me for questions or to set up a time to talk on Google Hangout.

Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h

  • Art Portfolio: ys5eror
  • Drawing: vcldm4n
  • Painting: 7b55yb2
  • Sculpture: u5hztsd

Best Times to Reach Ms. Thoreson
Google Hangout:   10 - 11 AM and 2 - 3 PM
Email:   8 - 9 AM and 3 - 4 PM