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It is my dream the people are able to learn and grow and find happiness in their lives. It is my hope that all students and teachers feel able and supported, in achieving this happiness.
Jane ShelbournDirector of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
The Exceptional Education Department's goal is to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education, employment and independent living.
Carol GalbraithExceptional Education Director
My hope and dream is to create a "Wounspe Okolakiciye" at both schools, which means "A Learning Place for the Success of ALL." Together with students, staff, family, and community members, we will support our students in making their Hopes and Dreams become a reality. TOGETHER WE CAN!
Marlys WalklingPrincipal Rosebud/Lakeview
My hope is that ALL (students, families, staff) are eager to get the school year started. My dream is to see ALL (students, families, and staff) working together to create positive relationships with one another to create a successful educational experience for ALL students at TCHS. Any questions that may arise throughout the year, please stop in and see us in the office!
Mike HammerVice Principal TCHS
My hope and dream for the 2017-2018 school year is that TCES be a joyful place for students, their families, and our staff to come to daily. My goal is that we become one tiwahe, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, a responsibility for each other's wellness and that guidance is provided in a loving way as we nurture children on the path to a good future.
Bobbie CoxPrincipal TCES
We have a load of exciting innovations this year at the Todd County Middle School - from multi-age wellness groups, to a "nake nula waun" approach to scheduling, to an explosion of exploratory offerings. We hope that each member of our learning community will recognize and appreciate that belonging, purpose, and self-discovery are at the heart of all learning in our school. I hope that all students - and staff - as they wrestle with purpose, will be challenged daily to read with purpose, write with purpose, speak with purpose, and act with purpose. My dream, then, is that these practices will become the key habits of mind necessary to lead a fulfilling life centered around wisdom, generosity, courage, and fortitude.
Chris MosnerVice Principal TCMS
I hope to end the school year knowing we created a school environment where we engaged, empowered, educated, and treated every child as if he/she were our own. I dream of being a part of a team that effectively builds the capacity of every Lakota child in such a way that when introducing themselves, they will proudly add, "...and I am Lakota!"
Vikki Eagle BearPrincipal SpringCreek
Hopes: To have a positive, productive year for the students and staff. To provide the students with a safe, secure environment that gives the students, staff, and community a sense of belonging and acceptance. Dream: To have a school driven by student/parent/community identified needs. More Parent/Community participation.
Bonnie HoperdietzelPrincipal SpringCreek
My hope for this school year is for every student to become the very best version of themselves in a way that honors their school, their families, their communities, and their ancestors. My dream is that TCMS becomes the leader in student success in the state of South Dakota. I know that our students are the best students in the nation, and this year my dream is for them to show the world what we are about.
Dana HaukaasPrincipal TCMS
Grounded in the values and philosophy of: Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security Care: Demonstrating respect, dignity, and empathy: providing support in a student-centered way Welfare: Providing emotional, educational, and physical support; acting in the student's best interests in order to promote independence, choice, and well-being Safety: Protecting rights, safeguarding our students, and reducing and managing any situation we may come across. Security: Maintaining safe, effecting, harmonious, and therapeutic relationships that rely on collaboration.
Aries YumulPrincipal SpringCreek
My Hope and Dream for the 2017-2018 School Year ... is for all of our students, staff, families and community to feel safe, at peace, and a sense of belonging as a community of learners; and for each individual to realize their significance in helping empower our students in their success. We are a community of future makers!
Dr. Karen WhitneySuperintendent


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