Board Policies

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Section A Foundations And Basic Commitments

AASchool District Legal Status
ABA (also KCB)Community Involvement In Decision Making
AC (also JB/JBA)Nondiscrimination/Equal Educational Opportunities
ACANondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex
ACA-RGrievance Procedure to Meet the Requirements of Title IX - Regulation
ACBComparability Of Assurances
ADEducational Philosophy/School District Mission
ADC (also GBED, JICG, KFD) Tobacco-Free Workplace

Section B School Board Governance And Operations

BABoard Operational Goals
BAAEvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures
BAA-E Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures – Exhibit
BAA-REvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures – Regulation
BBSchool Board Legal Status
BBASchool Board Powers and Responsibilities
BBAARestrictions on Individual Actions of Board Members
BBBSchool Board Elections
BBBABoard Member Qualifications
BBBBBoard Member Oath of Office
BBBB-EBoard Member Oath of Office – Exhibit
BBBC/BBBDBoard Member Resignation/Removal From Office
BBBEUnexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
BCAEthical Obligations of School Board Members
BDABoard Organizational Meeting
BDBBoard Officers
BDDBoard-Superintendent Relationship
BDEBoard Committees
BDFAdvisory Committees
BDGSchool Attorney
BESchool Board Meetings
BECExecutive Sessions
BEDBAgenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDDRules of Order
BEDFVoting Method
BEDGMinutes of Board Meetings
BEDHPublic Participation at Board Meetings
BEDH-EPublic Participation at Board Meetings School Board Meeting Speaker Sign-in Sheet

BGSchool Board Policy Process
BGAPolicy Development System
BGBPolicy Adoption
BGD (also CHB)Board Review Of Regulations
BGFSuspension/Repeal of Policies
BIANew Board Member Orientation
BIBBoard Member Development Opportunities
BIBASchool Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
BIDBoard Member Compensation and Expenses
BKSchool Board Memberships

Section C General School Administration

CAAdministration Goals
CBB Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
CBB-RJob Description - Regulation
CBC/CBDSuperintendent’s Contract/Compensation and Benefits
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBI-E (1)Evaluation of Superintendent – Exhibit
CBI-E (2)Evaluation of Superintendent – Exhibit
CCAdministrative Organization
CCBLine and Staff Relations
CFSchool Building Administration
CFAContract Renewal Procedures With Administrators
CFO (also GCLD)Length of Administrative Staff Contract Year
CFP (also GCQD)Resignation of Administrative Staff
CHPolicy Implementation
CHADevelopment of Regulations
CHB (also BGD)Board Review Of Regulations
CHCAApproval of Handbooks and Directives
CHDAdministration In Absence Of Policy
CMSchool District Annual Report

Section D Fiscal Management

DAFiscal Management Goals
DBAnnual Budget
DBBFiscal Year
DBCBudget Planning, Preparation, and Schedule
DBDDetermination of Budget Priorities
DBGBudget Adoption Procedures
DBIBudget Implementation
DBJBudget Transfer Authority
DCTaxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations
DDFunding Proposals, Grants, and Special Projects
DERevenues From Tax Sources
DFARevenues from Investments
DFCHousing Rental and Service Charges/Leasing
DFC-ELease Agreement
DFC-E1Monthly Rent Schedule - Exhibit
DFC-E2Pet Policy
DFC-RTodd County School District Housing Deposit
DGBanking Services
DGDCredit Card Use Policy
DGD-RCredit Card Issuance Agreement - Regulation
DHBonded Employees and Officers
DIFiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIAAccounting System
DIDInventories/General Fixed Assets
DJBAIncidental Accounts
DJCBidding Requirements
DJDLocal Purchasing
DJFPurchasing Procedures
DKBSalary Deductions
DKCTravel Expense Authorization/Reimbursement
DKC-RTravel Expense Authorization/Reimbursement - Regulation
DMCash in School Buildings
DNSchool Properties Disposition Procedure

Section E Support Services

EASupport Services Goals/Priority Objectives
EBEnvironmental and Safety Program
EBBAPrevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
EBCBSafety Drills
EBCDEmergency School Closing and Cancellations
ECABuilding and Grounds Security
ECBBuildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECB-RBuildings and Grounds Maintenance - Regulation
EDBMaintenance and Control of Instructional Materials and Equipment
EEAStudent Transportation Services
EEAAWalkers and Riders
EEABSpecial Education Student Transportation
EEACSchool Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEACADrug and Alcohol Testing for School Transportation Personnel
EEAESchool Bus Safety Program
EEAEABus Driver Examination and Training
EEAECStudent Conduct on School Buses
EEAEC-RStudent Conduct on School Buses – Regulation
EEAFSpecial Use of School Buses
EFFood Services Management
EF-RFood Service Employee Certification - Regulation
EFCFree and Reduced Price Food Services
EFFAdult Food Services
EFF-RNon-Reimbursable Meal Costs, FY 95 - Regulation
EGADPrinting and Duplication Services Reproduction of Copyright Materials
EIInsurance Program/Risk Management

Section F Facilities Planning And Development

FAFacilities Development Goals/Priority Objectives
FBFacilities Planning
FCFacilities Capitalization Program
FCBClosing Schools
FEAEducational Specifications
FEDA Site Plans and Specifications
FEESite Acquisition Procedure
FEFConstruction Cost Estimates and Determinations
FEGAContractor’s Fair Employment Clause
FEGBContractor’s Affidavits and Guarantees

Section G Personnel

GAPersonnel Goals/Priority Objectives
GACSexual Discrimination and Harassment
GAD (also JICB) Bullying & Harassment
GAEUse of Electronic Communication Devices in School and School Vehicles - Staff
GAGStaff Conduct
GAHUse of Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances By Employees
GAKDrug Free/Alcohol Free Schools
GAK-ETCSD Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy
GALPre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
GBAOpen Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
GBEAStaff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
GBEBAStaff Dress Code
GBEBB Ethical Use of Electronic Communications
GBED (also ADC, JICG, KFD) Tobacco-Free Workplace
GBGAA Employee Communicable Diseases
GBGAA-REmployee Communicable Disease Guidelines – Regulation
GBGBStaff Personal Security and Safety
GBGDWorkers' Compensation
GBGD-R Workers' Compensation Procedures - Regulation
GBIStaff Participation in Political Activities
GBJPersonnel Records and Files
GBJAConfidential Information and Disclosure of Information
GBJBAccess to Personnel Files
GBKStaff Concerns/Complaints and Grievances
GBK-EComplaint Forms
GBLStaff Awards and Recognition
GC/GCA/GCAA Professional Staff/Professional Staff Positions /Instructional Staff Positions
GCBProfessional Staff Contracts and Compensation
GCBCProfessional Staff Supplemental Pay Plans
GCBD Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBD-R1Professional Staff Fringe Benefits - Regulation
GCCProfessional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCCASick Leave Bank Program
GCCABStaff Family and Medical Leave Regulation (FMLA Leave)
GCCAD Instructional Staff Military Duty Leave
GCCAEInstructional Staff Development Leave
GCCAFInstructional Staff Sabbatical Leave
GCCBAAdministrative Staff Sick Leave
GCCBBAdministrative Staff Personal Leave
GCCBCPrincipal and Assistant Principal Leave
GCCBDAdministative Staff Military Duty Leave
GCCBEAdministrative Staff Development Leave
GCCBFAdministrative Staff Sabbatical Leave
GCCBGAdministrative Staff Funeral Leave
GCCBH Administrative Staff Permissive Leave
GCCBIAdministrative Staff Civic Duty Leave
GCCBJAdministrative Staff Unexcused Absences
GCCBKAdministrative Staff Leave of Absence
GCCBLAdministrative Staff Annual Leave
GCCCDegreed Non-Instructional Contracts and Compensation
GCCC-A Non-Degreed Non-Instructional Professional Staff
GCDProfessional Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCDB/GDDBEmployee Criminal Background Check
GCDB-E1/GDDB-E1Certification of Submission of Fingerprints
GCEProfessional Staff Recruiting
GCFProfessional Staff Hiring
GCKAInstructional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCKBAdministrative Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCLBLength of Administrative Staff Work Day
GCLD (also CFO) Length of Administrative Staff Contract Year
GCOAA Degreed Non-Instructional Evaluation
GCOAA-EDegreed Non-Instructional Evaluation - Exhibit
GCOABEvaluation of Supplemental Contract Personnel
GCOAB-ESupplemental Contract Personnel Evaluation Form - Exhibit
GCOAB-REvaluation of Supplemental Contract Personnel - Regulation
GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GCQAReduction in Instructional Staff Work Force
GCQAA Reduction in Supplemental Staff Work Force
GCQBReduction in Administrative Staff Work Force
GCQD (also CFP)Resignation of Administrative Staff
GCQFDiscipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GCQGAdministrators' Severance Pay
GDASupport Staff Positions
GDBASupport Staff Salary Schedules
GDE/GDEA/GDFSupport Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies/Hiring
GDISupport Staff Probation, Tenure, and Seniority
GDJSupport Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDMB/GDMCSupport Staff Training, Conferences, and Workshops
GDNSupervision of Support Staff
GDP Rev 6-26-17Support Staff Promotions and Reclassification
GDQASupport Staff Reduction in Force
GDQBResignation of Support Staff Members
GDQE Rev 6-26-17Absenteeism/Tardiness of Support Staff

Section H Negotiations

HANegotiations Goals/Priority Objectives
HAASchool Year Calender
HBNegotiations Legal Status
HCScope of Negotiations
HDNegotiations Procedures
HD-Rl Negotiation Procedures with Teachers - Regulation
HD-R2 Negotiation Procedures with Educational Support Personnel - Regulation
HFSchool Board Negotiating Agents
HF-RSchool Board Negotiating Agents – Regulation Appointment of A Professional Negotiator
HHEmployee Negotiating Organizations
HPEmployee Job Actions

Section I Instruction

IBAcademic Freedom
IGDKParticipation of Alternative Instruction Students
IHBIA Kindergarten Programs
IIBGInternet Acceptable Use Policy
IIBG-E Internet and Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Permission Form - Exhibit
IIBG-R Internet Acceptable Use Policy - Regulation
IJJTextbook/Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
IJLLibrary Materials Selection and Adoption
IKFHigh School Graduation Requirements
IMBTeaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues
IMC (also KCBA)School/Classroom Use of Videos/DVDs/Movies/Media

Section J Students

JAStudent Policies Goals
JB/JBA (also AC) Nondiscrimination/Equal Educational Opportunities
JCSchool Attendance Areas
JCAAssignment of Students to Schools
JEEnrollment, Transportation, School of Origin…..Youth Experiencing Homelessness….
JEACompulsory Attendance Ages
JEBEntrance Age Requirements
JECAttendance Policy
JECBAdmission of Non-Resident Students/Assignment of Resident Students
JFAAdmission Procedure
JFAAAdmission of Resident Students
JFABAdmission of Non-Resident Students
JFABCAdmission of Transfer Students
JFABEAdmission For Students from Alternative Instruction
JFABFAdmission of New Residents and Students from Unaccredited Schools
JFBOpen Enrollment
JHStudent Absences and Excuses
JHBBStudent Attendance Accounting
JHCReleased Time for Students
JHDExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JIStudent Rights and Responsibilities
JIAStudent Due Process Rights
JICStudent Conduct
JICAStudent Appearance and Dress Code
JICB (also GAD) Bullying & Harassment
JICG (also ADC, GBED, KFD) Tobacco-Free Workplace
JICHAlcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances….By Students
JICIWeapons In The School
JICJUse of Electronic Communication Devices In School
JIDStudents of Legal Age
JIEPregnant Students, Married Students or Single-Parent Students
JIHStudent Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests
JIH-RSearches - Regulation
JJIB Rev 5-9-16Participation of Alternative Instruction Students
JJICAAthletic Participation of Seventh and Eighth Grade Students at the High School Level
JKStudent Discipline
JK-R-3Todd County Extra-Curricular Participation…..Conduct Guidelines - Regulation
JKAProhibition of Corporal Punishment
JKD/JKEStudent Suspension/Expulsion
JLStudent Wellness Policy
JLCStudent Health Services and Requirements
JLCA/JLCBPhysical Examinations of Students/Immunization of Students
Daily Health Log – Exhibit
Medication Administration Form – Exhibit
Accident Report – Exhibit
Medication Error Report – Exhibit
Minimum Immunization Requirements - Regulation
Required Procedures for School Nurses/Health Aides - Regulation
JLCCStudent Communicable Diseases
JLCDAdministering Medicines to Students
JLCEFirst Aid/Emergency Medical Care
JLDADStudent Psychological Services
JLFReporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLIASupervision of Students
JLIBStudent Dismissal Precautions
JLICStudent Safety Patrol
JOAStudent Recruitment: Access to Student Directory Information
JQStudent Fees, Fines, and Charges
JRAStudent Records
JRA-RRelease of Student Directory Information – Regulation

Section K School-Community-Home Relations

KASchool-Community-Home Relations Goals
KBCParental Involvement In Decision Making Attendance Center School Improvement Councils
KCCommunity Involvement In Education School Improvement Council
KCB (also ABA)Community Involvement In Decision Making
KCBA (also IMC) School/Classroom Use of Videos/DVDs/Movies/Media
KDBPublic’s Right To Know/Freedom Of Information
KEPublic Concerns and Complaints
KEBDispute/Complaint Policy For Federal Programs
KEB-EComplaint Form For Federal Programs - Exhibit
KECPublic Concerns/Complaints About The Curriculum or Instructional Resources
KEC-ERequest For Reconsideration of Instructional Material – Exhibit
KFCommunity Use Of School Facilities
KF-EFacility Use and Equipment Agreement – Exhibit
KF-RCommunity Use of School Facilities – Regulation
KFD (also ADC, GBED, JICGTobacco-Free Workplace
KIVisitors To The Schools

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